'To understand water is to understand the cosmos, the marvels of nature, and life itself.'

                                                                                                 - Masaru Enoto, The Hidden Messages in Water

 Fall leaf on Water

Have you inherited a pond and have completely no idea how to take care of it? Are you confused by all of the information, sometimes conflicting, on the routine care of your feature?

Are you consistently having troubles with your hardware? Is that leak driving you crazy?

Then allow us here at Liquid Landscape Designs to visit your site and walk you through your particular system and its care. Our pond specialists are ready to answer your questions, evaluate your ponds health (to include fish health), and provide a diagnosis of any issues that may be affecting your feature. We will provide clear and concise instructions for care and make recommendations not only to fix any problems, but also to help the overall health of your system and its components.



Commercial / Construction Consulting Services...


Are you in the middle of a project and find that you’re stuck? Want to put in a feature but notManolson Project Waterfall sure where to start? Inherited someone else’s construction mistakes?

We are please to offer construction consulting for both private and commercial projects. Allow our specialists to come on site and provide you with thorough answers and explanations to your questions and help you to develop a direct course of action strategy to complete the project. We can even provide you with a detailed project material list, individually tailored to your particular project, and even tell you where to find it.





'Jay walked us through the material and parts list needed for building the water feature as well as being on site as we began excavating...his involvement and knowledge was above what I would have expected. Jay's "hands-on" approach is not just lip service... it's for real!'

                                                                                    -Jeff Barone, Essential Space Earthscapes



So no matter where you are in your particular project, whether it’s looking at a open spot of land or it’s already full of water, our specialists are ready to assist and guide you on your construction endeavor!




2012 Consultation Rates


Pond 101 - $100.00/ hour (1 hour minimum)

∙ Familiarization of pond system and equipment
∙ Water/ pond health evaluation *
∙ Pond Care Instruction
∙ Fish identification and health evaluation


Pond/ Water Feature Troubleshooting - $100.00/ hour (1 hour minimum)

Equipment Trouble
∙ Leaks (to include plumbing)
∙ Water Quality Issues*


Commercial/ Construction Consulting - $150.00/ hour (3 hour minimum)

∙ Construction design/ course of action formulation
∙ Construction techniques
∙ Proper equipment/ material selection
∙ Construction troubleshooting
∙ Plant material selection/ identification


Emergency Service - $100/ hour plus materials (1 hour minimum) **


(* Complete water tests extra – see Maintenance rates for more details)
(** Emergency Service defined as any service call performed outside of normal business hours. Normal business hours are 8am-6pm Monday-Saturday (closed Sundays/ Holidays)

All prices subject to change without notice.



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