The Ferns Project

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An outdoor bricked piazza, with natural stone retaining walls, fully planted with a pondless water feature as the main attraction.

Approximate Size:

The entire piazza area, to include retaining walls, is 25 x 50. The pondless feature is about 8 x 12

Number Of Waterfalls:

3, one main falls that splits into two



Equipment Used:

100 sq ft .45 mil EPDM liner and Geotextile underlay fabric, 2500 gph pump, AquatiConcepts filterfalls, Savio pondless reservoir.

Design Considerations:

To design an outdoor piazza for a country store in historical downtown Carlisle, Mass., that not only is visually appealing (with the historical commission approval) but also is extremely functional. The original site had a slope of about 4’, from the porch steps down to the sidewalk, that had to be structurally dealt with before the piazza and feature could even be constructed.

Construction Challenges:

Constructed in 2006, the biggest challenge was time. Due to a very wet spring, we couldn’t begin construction until about the second week of June. The town of Carlisle every year celebrates “Old Home Day”, which falls just before the 4th of July (this year it was on the 1st), which has various town wide activities to include a parade that passes right by the country store. So to say we had a “deadline” was an understatement. The second challenge was just the amount of material used to pull the entire project off – 20 tons of stone, 5 pallets of City Hall pavers, 25 yards of fill, loam, stone dust and other varying materials and two truckloads of plant material. (I know that I am leaving many materials off of this list!)



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