The Inferrere Project

Size: 5 Images     Created: 13-03-2008


A naturally influenced pond design with a top bog garden filter and a rapidly moving watercourse and falls

Approximate Size:

20 x 30

Number Of Waterfalls:

1 Falls course with three steps


Yes; 15 Koi

Equipment Used:

600 sq ft .45 mil EPDM liner and Geotextile underlay fabric, AquatiConcepts skimmer, LLD Bogtration™ Bog Filtration System, Savio 3600 gph pump

Design Considerations:

To construct a pond that would take up an unused area of the yard. It was further designed to house our (my wife’s and my koi) for a transitional period (which has now become over a season). We also designed it with the idea of it becoming a “learning” pond, where the next generation will be able to explore all the different wild life that now calls this pond home. Upgraded in 2007 to include our new custom designed bog filtration set-ups.

Construction Challenges:

This pond is deep. Probably one of the deeper ponds we have constructed. The whole backyard was flat so we had to create the entire larger sized plateau. We used a different style of stone with this project trying to recall some of the landscapes we have encountered up in our Cape Bretton, NS (Canada) travels. A more washed rounded stone more typical to a northern maritime stone. This project will only become more beautiful as the very young plant material begins to mature!



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