The Koepke Project

Size: 18 Images     Created: 14-03-2008


A pond with two long stream course situated in a natural woodland setting complete with bog garden.

Approximate Size:

16' x 25' Pond, 2 Streams (50' total) and 15' x 15' Bog Garden

Number Of Waterfalls:

Two stream courses loaded with steps and falls, to incldue a log step detail.


Yes, Imported Koi

Equipment Used:

.45 mil EPDM Rubber Liner, Geotextile Underlay Fabric, LLD's Bogtration™ Bog Filtration System, 2 Savio Skimmers, 1 HP and .75 HP Tsurumi (pre-Aquascapes era) Submersible Pumps.

Design Considerations:

New England Nurseries started this project off creating the orginal footprint a few years ago. We were challenged with revamping the layout, reworking the whole system and recreating the filtration as well as increasing the entire size considerably... Essentially recreating most of the feature. This included installing our own bog filter: Bogtration™, to specifically address the original troubled maintenance procedures and requirements.

Construction Challenges:

The biggest challenge was recreating this system while trying to reuse as much of the original parts (to reduce the amount of waste) and provide the client with a working and healthy system with virtually no maintenance requirements. Asthethically, our biggest challenge was fitting the feature into the current landscape conditions with the goal of makig it look and feel as if the whole thing had always been there. Did we succeed? We'll let you be the judge.



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