Whether its a matter of life being too busy or a part of your feature needs some love or repair, let our team help to keep your feature sparkling with the following services:

Seasonal Services

From Spring startups and clean outs to Fall netting and Winter care, we here to help you with some of the not so fun chores that will keep your system and its inhabitants healthy and happy!



Routine Care

Don’t have the time to give to regular care? Our routine care services can be tailored to you and your features needs by offering  care programs with either weekly, bi-weekly or monthly care.




One Time Service/ Repairs

Whether its an unexpected repair or unexpected algae bloom, a need for new plants or a once through for a big party –  we are always here to help!




 Fish/ Pond Health Services

We understand how your ponds inhabitants become part of the family and they can sometimes have some troubles. Please call is if you find yourself in this situation so we can try and help…




Most of the products we use in our maintenance services are either organic or all natural so that its safe and healthy for all those who come to enjoy your feature, from insects and birds to the little people that love to splash around. We proudly offer all of these products, and guidance for their use, at our retail store.


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